Cycling and bike ownership has seen huge growth over recent years. Regardless of the reason, whether cycling for fitness, competition or simply commuting the correct setup of a bike can make a massive difference in your comfort, performance and overall experience.

Whilst cycling is a relatively 'low impact' activity the repetitive nature of the pedaling action can lead to many overuse injuries which are notoriously difficult, and time consuming, to fix and recover from.

Finding a reputable bike fitter that understands the mechanics of a bike AND the mechanics of the human body is vitally important and can be extremely difficult!

Russell has ridden bikes, built bikes, serviced bikes and raced bikes since the age of 15. Couple this with his qualifications in biomechanics and Soft Tissue Therapy (plus the fact hes worked in the pro peloton since 2015) makes him perfectly placed to get you and your pride and joy working in perfect harmony.

After a full biomechanical assessment Russell uses the 'individualised static' method of bike fitting to achieve the optimum position to achieve your goals or resolve any issues resulting from a poor setup. You will receive a full report after your appointment including a personalised strength and flexibility program based on the results of the biomechanical assessment. Russells Bike Fitting Service will help,
  • Prevent overuse injuries

  • Eliminate back, neck, foot, wrist and bum pains

  • Improve performance

  • Improve comfort
For more information, or to book an appointment, please call 07799 607018 or email