Most people are unaware of muscle damage until it's serious enough to cause discomfort or impede performance - which can quickly result in altered position or biomechanical/functional problems. By which time the process of recovery back to good health or peak performance is extended.

Russell can help identify any problems in the soft tissue and, using a combination of techniques, help you maintain or return to a much higher state of physical health. In the case of an athlete this can help you fine tune you training by,

  • Reducing recovery time

  • Preventing injury

  • Improving performance

  • Improving flexibility

  • Shorter rehabilitation

  • Enhancing the immune system

  • Re-aligning of scar tissue and breaking down adheshions

But you don't need to be a athlete to benefit. Perhaps you sit at a desk all day or spend many hours driving and suffer from headaches or back and neck discomfort. In which case Russell can help you return to a better state of physical health for everyday tasks plus a greater sense of wellbeing by,

  • Relieving tired and aching muscles
  • Reducing tension
  • Improving posture
  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Relaxation